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Italylab: the lab of the Italian culture

“It is clear to you, I am sure, Lucilius, that no man can live a happy life, or even a supportable life, without the study of wisdom.”


Italy Lab

Italy Lab, the Lab of Italian Culture, was launched to offer tailor-made experiences to participants from foreign universities and other institutions (public or private).

Participants are fully immersed in Italian culture, exploring the range of experiences that take place away from the usual paths traversed by tourists and other visitors to Italy.

Our mission is “valuing Italian excellence and making it accessible.” We love our country and we want to show our clients the authentic Italy, using our native knowledge, and to expose them to exciting programs, courses, and workshops.

Italy lab is a new institute located in Venice, Milan and Naples. The Lab is born out of decades of experience by its organizers in the educational and tourism fields.

Its mission is to offer participants the opportunity to experience up close authentic Italian culture, through courses and workshops, set against the backdrop of this beautiful country. Italy Lab is able to offer to tailored courses to universities and other institutions in the fields of art, architecture, design and food. Participants will experience great Italian culture and live within it as real Italians do.

The Lab is not only an experience, it is experimental. In cooperation with Valorizzazioni Culturali, we have a network of alluring locations in Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and Palermo which can be converted into spaces for a variety of kinds of lectures, events, courses and workshops.

Italy Lab’s aim is to offer these unique experiences at competitive prices, while adhering to the highest quality standards. We offer the best of accommodations, educational programs, and study abroad experience for a full and complete immersion in Italian excellence.

Meet Our Team

A group full of enthusiasm and professionalism

Our Team

Filippo Perissinotto

Founder & Institutional Relations Manager

Anna Genovino

Co-Founder & Academic coordinator

Nicoletta Valanzano

Co-Founder & Academic coordinator

Orsola Fezzi

Curriculum designer & Marketing manager

Vittorio Marchiori

Events and Operations Manager

Monica Bosaro

Director of Financial affairs