Bacaro Tour

One of the unique features of Venice are its wine bars, or Bacari.  Bacari are lively places, simply furnished with wooden tables and benches, where generations of Venetians gather to exchange news and laugh with the owners and spend free time.

Enjoy a walking tour of the Bacari with our experienced staff. During this fantastic promenade across the canals and streets of Venice, a local guide will narrate the histories and the traditions of this unique city, allowing you to discover hidden corners and an atmospheric maze of cobblestoned paths and winding waterways. You will also visit different Bacari and taste a broad selection of specialist wines, prosecco and spritz with ciccheti, and tapas-like delicacies such as baby octopus or meatballs. The tasting is enjoyed standing up, in front of the counter or just outside the bar.

You will definitely get a real experience of the Venetian lifestyle!

Pizza Lab

Learn how to make the original Neapolitan pizza guided by pizza Artisan

The kitchen is an immediate representation of a culture and, as such, knowing the kitchen of a city is the best way to know its history. We invite you to immerse yourself in discovering Gragnano, “the city of pasta”, and the wonderful Valley of the mills where the world’s most famous pasta is born.
You will discover all the phases and secrets that create an authentic pizza, allowing you to make it at home anytime you want!

Fratelli Mascolo – Gragnano

The Bread Lab

There’s nothing like the homemade bread aroma wafting through the kitchen.

If you’d like to learn how to make a traditional italian bread, Panificio Malafronte is a wonderful place to start.

From 1906  delicious taste, healthy ingredients and strict organic standards make the Panificio Malafronte and Italian Excellence in this field.

Thanks to the pure water and ingredients coming from the Monti Lattari, in the most famous city of the Italy for the production of the Pasta, the bread became a masterpiece of taste.

Leaded by an artisan, this funny class incorporate baking and how to combine various wholegrains to achieve incredible flavor.

Let’s Start!

Mani in Pasta!

Panificio Malafronte – Gragnano

Social Eating: The Secret Terrace

If you are tired of the usual restaurants for tourists,  you can try sampling the culinary experience offered by a typical modern Pompeian house.
You will be welcomed into a secret terrace with a panoramic view of  the Vesuvius, a warm familiar atmosphere and a high quality of traditional and organic dishes. 

Secret Terrace – Pompeii

Touching the sky in an ancient vineyard

Guided tour, wine tasting and typical Neapolitan lunch in Sorrento Coast
An amazing walking tour in one of the most beautiful vineyards overlooking the Sorrento Coast.
The Abbazia di Crapolla, a small Abbey (monastery) built by monks during the 1500 century, is where you will experience a unique combination of beauty and taste.
An expert guide will lead you through the vineyards pointing out the different varieties of grapes, cultivation methods, and the phases of wine production.  The tour will end at the winery where you can sample the vineyard’s wine.
Guests can relax on a comfortable garden overlooking the Gulf of Naples, where they will be treated to a lunch consisting of traditional local dishes accompanied by tasting the wines produced by the Abbazia di Crapolla vineyard.

Abbazia di Crapolla – Sorrento Coast

Villa Falco Kitchen & More

Stories & Recipes in a Golden Mile Villa

Rice sartù born from a deception: “Sartù” derives from a distortion by the Neapolitan dialect of the french term “sor tout” which indicates a special coat or cloak, in this case it refers to the breadcrumbs that, like a cloak, covers the rice timbale. This is just one of the thousands of curiosities that you can discover by sitting at our table. It will be like a tasty journey through time. The typical mediterranean ospitality mixed to an incredible scenario makes of Villa Falco a wonderful location for a traditional meal. Set on the slopes of Vesuvius, it offers a unique composition of environments: a huge garden composed of patio, greenhouse, private Chapel, saddlery to experience before the lunch.

A special tour in a way of life.


Food Tasting Vespa Tour

Discover Naples in a fun and exciting way on this private Vespa tour discovering the local culinary excellence!Take the chance to taste a selection of real Neapolitan food in a tasteful, cultural and historical  itinerary, guided by our professional tour guides. We’ll take you on a ride far and wide of Naples on a real vintage Vespa, guided by our city trainers. You will have access to the best pizza places, fry places, taverns, confectioneries and bars. You will fall in love with Naples, before you know it. This is a unique way of riding on a Vespa thru the main Piazzas of the city, otherwise undoable on foot in a short time. Buffalo mozzarella with Salame Napoletano, Taralli (small bagles) with almonds and black pepper, a good glass of typical red wine from Campania, “Cuoppo” di frittura (a “cone” of fried food), Pizza Margherita, Parmigiana eggplant (eggplant Parmesan), ice cream, Sfogliatella, Neapolitan espresso and handmade chocolates will accompany the most tasteful day of your vacation. Be Neapolitan for one day!

Naples – Napoli in Vespa Tour

Pasta Factory guided tour & tasting

Pasta production is an ancient art, rich in history, culture and tradition. The visit will focus on two aspects of this art: the modern and the traditional. The former addresses technological innovation, the modern production environment, and the efficiency of the procedures using contemporary  factory equipment. The latter addresses the old ways, inextricably linked to the tradition of pasta masters, the manual work of cutters , the spraying and packaging. The visit will include a look at historical research to recover the original shapes of the pasta and the handmade bronze tools used to produce them. After the visit arrives the moment to sit down around a table and enjoy different special shapes of pasta cooked following the neapolitan tradition.



Naples and its villas seen from the sea!

Kayak Napoli offers you the chance to admire Naples from the unique perspective of excursions by Kayak, Canoe and Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP). Kayak excursion along the coast of Posillipo, we will paddle between ancient and suggestive villas right on the sea, passing through the iconic Palazzo donn’Anna, Grotta Romana, Villa Lauro and up to the Baia del Cenito. Naples – Kayak Napoli

Yoga Retreat Espinoza

Sailing experience around Sorrento Coast

Learn the basic of sailing, enjoy the wonderful coast between Castellammare di Stabia and Cape of Sorrento, swim and do snorkeling visiting the amazing Regina Giovanna’s baths.
The excursion will lasts around 6 hours on a 35 ft. sailing boat, leaving from the harbor of Castellammare di Stabia. Once on board you will get bath towels, snorkeling equipment, light lunch and soft drinks.
Live an unforgettable adventure learning the history of this magical bay, among local traditions and ancient legends. Expert sailors will teach you the basic of navigation just using the power of wind as it has be done for many centuries in this area.

Let’s come on board!

Stabiae – Sorrento Port

Into the Mediterranean Sea at full sail!

The wind blows on your face, the sun and the salt water on your skin, Vesuvius on the horizon observes you sliding on the waves.
All the beauty of the enchanted bay of Naples at your disposal.
Imparato Surf beach provides lessons of windsurf and kitesurf, equippments and assistance for beginners and passionates, ensuring a safe and unforgettable experience. Leaded by a professional team you can live a unique adventure in one of the most iconic place in the world.

It’s time to set sail!

Stabiae/Sorrento Coast – Imparato Surf Beach

Click Tour

Photo tour to discover Rome under a new point of view

There are many ways to see the world. Thanks the photography we can have new points of views to live and describe a city. Rome is an incredible example of culture and history stratifications, and it will be funny to discover signs and proofs of this cultural mix in its streets and squares. Leaded by a professional photographer you’ll walking in the eternal city to have new perspectives. The tour will touch the Rome highlights passing through undercover corners and places known only by the natives. During the tour there will be some stops to enjoy the walking tour and tips to take wonderful photos in order to catch the real spirit of the City.



The Path of the Gods: a Day in Heaven

The Path of the Gods, set in stunning natural beauty, is a must to see, at least for who wants to deeply dig into the marvels of the Amalfi Coast. From the Path of the Gods it is possible to admire one of the most striking panoramas on Earth: halfway up the hill the path crosses, from Bomerano to Nocelle, through the most fascinating gorges, cliffs and precipices of the Amalfi Coast. An incomparable overview of the coast from Punta Licosa, in the Cilento to the Island of Capri, an ancient natural extension of Punta Campanella.

Amalfi Coast

The Lemon’s Garden

“Agruminato” is the name of the citrus garden typical of the Sorrento Peninsula.  It is especially unique because is located in the city center of Sorrento. Originally named “Fondo Petrulo,” it belonged to the nearby Excelsior Vittoria Hotel.  Its original size was approximately 60,000 square meters. The rescuing of this last oasis of green in a sea of concrete developments is indicative of an awareness to preserve traditional values and a concerted effort to share our traditions with everyone and future generations.

I Giardini di Cataldo – Sorrento

The sound of Nature Lab

The ideation and the direction of the project ” The Sound of Nature” is of the group Synaulia, leaded by Walter Maioli: musician, paleorganologist , that from thirty years researchs, experiments and applies the sounds of the nature of the prehistory and of the antiquity.

From an experience handed down by ancient studies of environmental acoustics, they will be presented and played hundred sonorous objects:shells, bones, horns, employed as percussions, whistles, flutes (among which in eagle bone), trumpets, reeds, bows, flying rhombuses.

Sorrento Coast – Synaulia – Sound Center

Pompei 2020-min

Exploring Ancient Roman Cuisine

A special meal inspired by ancient Roman recipes. Guests enjoy a seated meals based on extensive research of Apicius, the oldest collection of recipes to survive from antiquity, De Re Coquinaria (“The Art of Cooking”) is attributed to Marcus Gavius Apicius, the famed epicure who flourished during the reign of Tiberius early in the first century AD. the only surviving ancient Roman recipe book. Dietary habits were affected by the influence of Greek culture, the political changes from kingdom to republic to empire, and the empire’s enormous expansion, which exposed Romans to many new provincial culinary habits and cooking methods. The menu features dishes typical of a celebratory feast.

Pompeii – Caupona

Shhh! Speakeasy!

In one of more suggestive corner of Venice, you have to say the secret password to enter in the magical atmosphere of a sconsacreted church of 1200. A selection of sophisticated cocktails welcome you. Shhh we can’t tell you more, but believe us, is an incredible special experience!


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