Alexandra Privett

I treated myself to a college graduation present by going on a trip to Italy with ItalyLab and I had a fantastic time!! My school organized this trip with ItalyLab and I thought the itinerary (and the company) was so special. We saw so many museums and churches and had a guided tour in each city (Venice, Florence, Milan). Seeing all the sights and trying all the new foods (read: gelato every day😍) was something I’ll never forget! It was even better having Nicoletta and Anna show us their country because it felt like they were sharing it with us! My advice would be to go for it, you won’t be disappointed!!🇮🇹❤️
Elissa Vrabel

Elissa Vrabel

ItalyLab is a great way to explore the beautiful country of Italy! Nicoletta and Anna did a very good job of planning out the activities that we did each day on our trip, and overall it was a very positive experience. I would definitely recommend ItalyLab for any eager student/traveler who would like to make the most out of their trip to Italy!!

Courtney Page

Going away to college was a big enough step for me and then I took another HUGE leap and went to Italy my sophomore year! My school had organized a trip with the ItalyLab at an affordable price for us to seek a whole new adventure! After not having the necessary amount of students to go on our trip The ItalyLab made it work and aloud us to go even short numbered by creating a whole new itinerary in such short notice! We enjoyed Venice (my favorite), Florence and Milan! I loved that we stayed in such fun places like apartments above small shops, this really enhanced our experience! This was a trip I will never forget, my first airplane ride, my first time out of the country and my first time away from home so far away! Anna and Nicoletta made my trip extra special by making sure I was having fun, being personable with myself and the group and most of all getting me out of my comfort zone! This trip is something I will remember forever and it will be because of these two very special ladies💗 A presto signore 🥰
Nicole Garza

Nicole Garza

I had the amazing opportunity to attend two trips hosted by Italy Lab through school. Our trips consisted of learning more about a different culture through communication, cuisine, and the famous historical sites Italy had to offer. The team working with my class was very professional and informative especially when our class had questions regarding the various sites. I loved meeting everyone at the Vesuvian Institute and trying new foods each day. I would highly recommend working with Italy Lab because they made my first trip out of the country, the best one yet!

Julia Bogusz

ItalyLab gave me the trip of a lifetime! My stay in Castellammare di Stabia made me feel like I was living like a local. Walking the cobblestone streets along the Bay of Naples, having gelato in a small cafe, or buying pasta in a tiny grocery store made me realize how simple life can be. But, also, everyday was filled with nonstop adventure! From learning how to make my very own pizza to dancing the night away to tarantella. These will be experiences that I will never forget, and I am so grateful. I was also able to see sites that I have been longing to see like Pompeii and The Vatican. The best part was we didn’t have to wait in a long line like everyone else. Nicoletta and Anna planned everything down to the minute, and it allowed me to get the most out of my 10-day stay in Italy!