Italy Lab istravel & culture

Italy Lab, the Lab of Italian Culture, was launched to offer tailor-made experiences to participants from foreign universities and other institutions. Our mission is “valuing Italian excellence and making it accessible". We want to show the authentic Italy, using our native knowledge, and to expose them to exciting programs, courses, and workshops.
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Special Experiences

Are you interested to Sailing, or Pizza lab or Social Eating, please take a look to our experiences.




Internships and training on-site

We offer to the students on-site thematic courses and internships tailored to the most important events and exhibitions in Italy.

Full assistance and planning

We accompany our customers step by step, working alongside universities and other institutions to develop tailor-made programs for our clients

High quality workshops and courses

Italy lab is able to offer to tailored courses and workshop in the fields of art, architecture, design and food