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From tradition to innovation ArtGlass, Production&Design The heir to an ancient glassmaking institution – the School of Design for Glassmakers founded as far back as 1862 by abbot Vincenzo Zanetti – the Abate Zanetti School of Glass of Murano is now more than ever the meeting place between past and future in the art of glassmaking.
A strong desire to aggregate the multiple realities of the contemporary glassmaking landscape, looking to the world of design, culture, art, is combined with the preservation of a thousand year-long tradition and technical expertise typical of the island of Murano. The structure is equipped to deal with all the typical Murano production techniques: furnace, lampworking, fusing and grinding.

The School has two souls. The first is education, which draws inspiration from its origins, and is achieved through the implementation, coordination and promotion of highly innovative training activities. The courses provide training in both traditional and contemporary techniques and methods of artistic glassmaking, as well as on general topics related to technology, design and marketing.ù
In addition to collaborating with Italian and foreign universities and institutes of higher learning, the Abate Zanetti School is a place of reference where cultural events are organized on a regular basis and the art of glass is deservedly celebrated, enhancing the international vocation of the city of Venice.

The premises are sited in a characteristic 1930’s industrial building in the heart of the island of Murano, which has been completely refurbished while maintaining its original style. It is a unique location, ideal for hosting exclusive private or corporate events like meetings, conferences, conventions and exhibitions. But above all, it is a place providing an opportunity to express one’s ability and creativity working with glass, a material which for its intrinsic characteristics dictates the pace to all those wishing to master the art.

The second soul, in keeping with the first, is that of production, a natural progression tending towards the opening up of new opportunities in a market that requires innovative solutions. Indeed Abate Zanetti is now also a centre of excellence in the manufacturing, research and experimentation in state-of-the-art glassmaking design and artistic production, and is able to realize works of art in glass to order, starting from a project by the customer (with the ensuing elaboration of the design and prototype) or following a designer’s instructions.

Pizza Lab

Learn how to make the original Neapolitan pizza guided by pizza Artisan

The kitchen is an immediate representation of a culture and, as such, knowing the kitchen of a city is the best way to know its history. We invite you to immerse yourself in discovering Gragnano, “the city of pasta”, and the wonderful Valley of the mills where the world’s most famous pasta is born.
You will discover all the phases and secrets that create an authentic pizza, allowing you to make it at home anytime you want!
Fratelli Mascolo – Vesuvian area

Sailing experience around Sorrento Coast, feel the sea!

Learn the basic of sailing, enjoy the wonderful coast between Castellammare di Stabia and Cape of Sorrento, swim and do snorkeling visiting the amazing Regina Giovanna’s baths.
The excursion will lasts around 6 hours on a 35 ft. sailing boat, leaving from the harbor of Castellammare di Stabia. Once on board you will get bath towels, snorkeling equipment, light lunch and soft drinks.
Live an unforgettable adventure learning the history of this magical bay, among local traditions and ancient legends. Expert sailors will teach you the basic of navigation just using the power of wind as it has be done for many centuries in this area.
Let’s come on board!

Social Eating: The Secret Terrace

If you are tired of the usual tourist restaurants, you can try sampling the culinary experience offered by a typical modern Pompeian house.
You will be welcomed into a secret terrace with a panoramic view of Vesuvius, a warm familiar atmosphere and a high quality of traditional and organic dishes.

Secret Terrace – Pompeii

Touching the sky in an ancient vineyard

Guided tour, wine tasting and typical Neapolitan lunch in Sorrento Coast
An amazing walking tour in one of the most beautiful vineyards overlooking the Sorrento Coast.
The Abbazia di Crapolla, a small Abbey (monastery) built by monks during the 1500 century, is where you will experience a unique combination of beauty and taste.
An expert guide will lead you through the vineyards pointing out the different varieties of grapes, cultivation methods, and the phases of wine production.  The tour will end at the winery where you can sample the vineyard’s wine.
Guests can relax on a comfortable garden overlooking the Gulf of Naples, where they will be treated to a lunch consisting of traditional local dishes accompanied by tasting the wines produced by the Abbazia di Crapolla vineyard.

Abbazia di Crapolla – Sorrento Coast

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